Design Of The World (.W)

Design Of The World (.W) is a blog curated by Josephmark to explore thoughtful design from around the world. I've written posts for ther blog about and so far my thoughts about Page Thirty ThreeLand Of The Giants, Orée Artisans and Prepd, with many more to come. 



FourThousand is an online cultural directory magazine based in Brisbane, with corresponding directories all over Australia, as well as in Berlin, London and Tokyo. They write about good food, drinks, independently designed clothes, new music and emerging musicians, books and zines, people, independent projects, and out-of-town adventures. While soaking up all of the editorial information I could from managing editors Danny Venzin and Sarah Werkmeister during my year-long internship there, I wrote some content for the magazine:

- A travel article about Springbrook, which was published in STRAY. You can read it here.

- I wrote a review of Riding road's general store Bread and Butter, run by the chaps behind Brother Espresso, for SHOP. Bread & Butter no longer exists, but my write-up sure does

- I also did a round-up of BARI Festival for STRAY, which you can read here.


Stilts Book Reviews

I wrote a review for Stilts journal of Patrick White's gorgeous posthumously published first section of a tripartite novel, The Hanging Garden.

An excerpt:

Ostensibly the first section of a larger, three-part novel, The Hanging Garden reads like a novella, with a somewhat unsettled ending. However, I didn't feel the desire to know what happened next. The sensuality, intensity and sheer vision of this stand-alone work was almost enough, although I was left somehow with a hunch as to where the paths of the two children would inevitably lead, after their separation at the close of the novel. The Hanging Garden is laden with clashes between the old and the new, as well as theses of transcendence, materialism, the metaphysical, and ideas of 'home'. The beautifully plain, un-clouded prose makes me quiver at how wonderful these parts would have been, should White have had the time to complete them.

You can read the rest of the review here. 

*For more varied examples of my content work, please don't hesitate to contact me. I do plenty of internal content for the companies I work for, which unfortunately I'm unable to show online!